Beatrice Witzgall Biography

Beatrice Witzgall’s strength is her deep esthetic and practical understanding of space, how the various design disciplines cross-over, and a proven ability to create a comprehensive unique identity. This incorporates working as a liaison between the client and the entire design team to create a seamless design that addresses the owner’s dreams and bridges the competing, and sometimes conflicting, design objectives, criteria and limitations, and blends lighting design into the finished solution that impacts the entire experience in terms of mood and atmosphere and its character to its surroundings.

Beatrice’s academic experience includes a Masters of Architecture (Dipl.Ing.Arch) from the University of Braunschweig, Germany, and in 1999 her interest in how space can be manipulated and how emerging technologies change the way people interact with each other brought her to Rhode Island School of Design where she attended the Graduate Program in Architecture.  While in Germany, she taught for 2 years 2D and 3D graphic applications at the University of Braunschweig as well as at the Braunschweig’s University of Art (Hochschule fuer Bildenede Kuenste).  From 1999 to 2003, she collaborated with the MIT Media Lab on various projects, installations and publications focusing on how architecture is influenced by emerging technologies which involved the use of sensors, and lighting technologies to convey ambient information.  From 2002-2003 her teaching experience continued in the US where she was a visiting instructor at the Graduate program at Parsons School of Design, Center for New Design, Design and Technology teaching a studio class on “Responsive Architecture” that resulted in an interactive architectural lobby installation featured in Metropolis Magazine (April 2003).  Today her academic involvement is limited to being a guest critic at the University of Pennsylvania, at Parsons School of Design, NY, and City College, NY.

She has garnered professional experience in both Germany and the US. While still in college she won an architectural competition for the World EXPO 2000 called ‘Light-Play House for Children’ that was built and opened in 2000.  Her architectural work experience includes work at firms such as Stamberg Aferiat Architecture, NY and Klosters, Wiebe & Partners and Martinoff Architects in Braunschweig, Germany, where she developed an understanding of traditional architectural skills and working methods.  In addition, she also worked at Asymptote Architecture (Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture), Archi-tectonics (Winka Dubbeldam) and Ali Rahim Architecture, which are firms known to be in the forefront of innovative and emerging digital architecture, which allowed her to strengthened her understanding in digital technologies and their processes.

As a design consultant her experiences include work on various exhibitions and publications in Germany and the development for the Corporate Design and Web-Site for Hille Architects in Germany; in the US as an Interface and Interaction designer for the Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab (MERL) in Cambridge on interactive learning environments.  One of the prototypes on which she worked was installed at the Boston Museum of Science and published at Siggraph 2001.  In 2002 she worked as an interactivity consultant and technical coordinator for Winka Dubbeldam’s much published 3D digital and interactive installation “From Hardware to Softform” that was exhibited fall 2002 at the Frederieke Taylor Gallery in NY and presented at Siggraph 2003.

Independent business ventures include a two year consultancy with a MIT Media-Lab start-up, Ambient Devices, that introduces the concept of Ambient Information Displays in products and the built environment (how LED technology can be used to convey information); and as a project manager for Smartslab, a LED media display solution for large scale architecture applications from 2003-2005.

In 2002 she started working for the world renowned lighting design boutique firm L’Observatoire International where, as Senior Design Associate, she was involved on numerous large scale multi-functional, urban architecture and hospitality projects that introduce innovative, brand-building or interactive lighting elements.

In 2007, Beatrice started her own design consulting company I3D, Inc. combining her extensive experience from architecture and lighting with spatial programming and visual design to develop a strong understanding of branded space.  Her experience presents a unique interdisciplinary approach to the design, and I3D’’s mission is to create one comprehensive design concept that achieves the client’s practical and image objectives. In addition, her architectural, design, lighting and team coordination skills are enriched by her passion for sailing and yachts which has allowed her to sail and race in many parts of the world, and also resulted in a recent involvement on various Sail- and Motor yacht projects.