Graphic Design (2D Graphics & 3D Modeling & Interactive)

2D VISUALIZATION: Dacha in Russia (2010)LOGO & BRANDING DESIGN:  66’ GUNBOAT PHAEDO 2D MARKETING: Architectonics – Exhibition & Competition Posters LOGO DESIGN: RACE BOAT LOGOS AND GRAPHICS3D MODELING & DESIGN: Studio of Contemporary Architecture / Ali Rahim: Fashion Designer House (2000)3D MODELING: Children Museum Design, Braunschweig, Germany (1997)INTERACTIVE: Hille Architects - Website (2000-2003)INTERFACE: MERL – Kids dancers (2000)2D PRESENTATION BOARDS & VISUALIZATION3D MODELING: RISD – Representing the Object: Project & Publication (2000)3D MODELING: PELLEGRINI RESIDENCE, NY for Stamberg Aferiat ArchitectureINTERACTIVE: Stamberg Aferiat Architecture - Website (2002)2D EXHIBITION: Technical University of Braunschweig: NYC – Series of Exhibition Posters (1998)3D MODELLING: Architectural Interior (Diplom 2001)2D RENDERING: The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino in Las VegasINTERFACE: MERL – Bones - constructive building kit for kids  (2000)

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> We offer over 15 years of experience in design and production of creating strong visual communication of concepts, ideas and designs. It’s an essential part of any design or marketing campaign and we can help you to develop a strong brand, identity and attractive visuals that support your message.

As award-winning Visual Designer and Architect with 15+ years experience in visual design excellence, I have extensive experience in designing and creating strong visuals, interactive and graphic design to communicate and express an idea, concept or message successfully. I lead many high profile campaigns for architecture and design projects, preparing presentations, renderings in 2D and 3D, diagrams, sketches and layouts in print and digital. I started teaching graphics, 2D & 3D in 1997 in Germany and later at Parsons School of Design, hired and trained many visual designers over the years and am nowadays still involved as a guest critic in architecture and design universities.

My focus is creating ‘recognizable identities’, ‘emotional experiences’ and ‘user interactions and experiences’. High-profile Client presentations include many renowned architects and designerssuch as Gehry, Holl, Nouvel, Mau or for company CEO’s such as Novartis, Swire, NY Jets, NYC as well as several billionaires. I prepare presentations, booklets with storylines to communicate an idea, marketing brochures, exhibitions and press conferences. My projects or visuals have been widely published.