i3D, inc

I3D, inc. is an interdisciplinary design consulting firm with a strong emphasis on lighting design. Our focus is on the unique identity and atmosphere of a space, how it interfaces with people, and how it transforms to meet their needs.

Lighting design is an integral part of architecture and its design elements. It creates the intangible emotional feel of a space, but it also creates an iconic look, defining a signature identity or brand.

Award-winning designer Beatrice Witzgall established “I3D, Inc.” in 2007, basing the new company in NYC. The name originated from “In3Design”, Inc. a company founded in 2004 which also represented her interdisciplinary design approach and her background in fields such as architecture, graphic design, and interactive digital technologies. Combining art with technology, this interdisciplinary expertise enables her to think dynamically, seeing bold new opportunities for innovation in unexpected places. I3D not only offers individual design services in these fields, but also bridges these design ideas as a design manager, creating one comprehensive program, design strategy, and spatial identity.

Witzgall entered the world of lighting when she won a 1998 competition for a “Light-Play House” for the Expo 2000 in Germany. With her graduate degree in architecture from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, she later pursued her interdisciplinary and technology-driven interests at the graduate program of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, where she also collaborated with the MIT Media Lab on interactive environments. In 2002, she investigated how lighting can act as an ambient information source capable of influencing people’s behaviors, interactions, and movement patterns with her graduate students at the Parsons School of Design in New York.  Her groundbreaking discoveries in responsive architecture and in creating interactive spaces with lighting were published and received wide accolades.

In 2002, she joined the world-renowned lighting design boutique firm “L’Observatoire International” where she worked for 6 Years on over 40 projects around the world. In her role as a Senior Design Associate and Project Manager, she worked on a number of projects recognized by industry leaders as unique examples where lighting went beyond functional aspects and was used to define the identity, mood and brand of an environment. Major projects include the New York Olympic and Jets Stadium Proposal, Frank Gehry’s Novartis Headquarters, various casino hospitality projects in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau as well as the 2010 Lumen Award-winning Lincoln Center Renovation in NYC.

Currently I3D is involved with several hospitality projects as well as commercial and private projects. Additionally, Witzgall’s passion for yachting has led her to work on various prominent and “Superyacht Award”-nominated Megayachts or performance sailing yachts with acclaimed designers such as Reymond Langton, Bannenberg Rowell, German Frers, RWD, DLBA, and shipyards such as Luerssen, Abeking & Rasmussen, Hodgdens, and Gunboat.