Philosophy & Approach

I3D, Inc is driven by questions such as how does technology influence the way people live, communicate, work and interact with each other and what impact does that have on architecture and our physical environment.

We explore new innovative ways of creating dynamic physical environments incorporating technology; merging the virtual or digital with the physical world together. Since 1999, we have been challenging ourselves on finding ways on how we can incorporate information & digital technology into our physical environment to strengthen the sense of community and belonging.

In3Design” was incorporated by Beatrice Witzgall in 2004 in New York City and in 2007 renamed to the shorter abbreviation of “i3D”.

“I3D” is short for “In3Design

>  “In“  =   “In“-novative  &  “In“-teractive”  &  “In“terdisciplinary Design
>3D” = spatial and digital design; architecture and 3D technologies
>DESIGN” = one comprehensive design approach
that bridges various design disciplines into one identity
… its like a puzzle: one piece doesn’t provide the overall picture!

We have worldwide project experience and offer various design services; currently our primary focus is on lighting and the transformation into various atmospheres and a strong identity created through the power of lighting.